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I am trying to update a template from a prior version.

In the prior version, the post title gets:

#ttr_content .ttr_post_title
font-family:'Times New Roman';
background-repeat: repeat;

However, in my TT8 version, I cannot seem to find where to set this css. It is not in content and I am not trying to change all H1 tags to this, rather just those in post title.

I am using a category blog layout. The blog settings look correct in TT. While I get the correct green, rounded corner display for the surrounding of the title, the color for the H1 title, is wrong and reflects the element H1 title tag.

I was only able to resolve it by changing the H1 element site wide.

1 Answer

by phillips-guy (360 points)
I've had a similar issue, trying to reduce the line spacing of Joomla post titles (for which there doesn't appear to be a setting) and I think ended up changing the H1 element site-wide.
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