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Ok, appears it's time to move on. And that's too bad. TT had some nice features once you got use to it.

Maybe someday we'll check in and see an update and questions being answered. Of course if your happy with how it is now, so be it. DOWNLOAD THE LASTEST VERSION AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LICENSE KEY!

So here's some other programs and their links.

Create your website with WebSite X5, the #1 Site Builder in Italy    Great shopping cart and easy to use but high price. This is my backup program. I have switched to Web Builder.

WYSIWYG Web Builder   This one has everything but the kitchen sink and more. Cart, blog, CMS. Has four cookie popup choices also, free! So many options it can be overwhelming at first.

Quick 'n Easy Web Builder (   Same as above but for Mac and Linux, no translator.

RocketCake - free Responsive Website Builder Software (   Great program, very easy to use and a great price.

No cart, email form or cookie popup. For Win and Mac also.

Web Design Software by Xara: Xara Web Designer  This program has a popular following. No cart or email form. No cookie popup included. 

Of course a lot of people are using a 3rd party cookie scripts, especially in the Eu that has strict rules.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Best Regards!

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Nicepage seems to be the best solution for me. What happened to TT? Everyone there fled without notice.

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