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Is everyone out to lunch? Or is one person left to take in money and send out license? Questions are not being answered. And long overdue on a major update. Like having 6 breakpoint to match bootstrap 5 instead of 3? Is TT still in business? Let us know what's going on! This does not look good.

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I have to say that the current Templatetoaster Pro version is pretty buggy. At least as far as the exported Joomla 4 templates are concerned. Cannot be used in production. Layout error, third-party modules not usable. Core login module causes 'HtmlChar()' errors. and so on... PHP 8.1 installed on the server. If someone should take a look and quickly please....

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Chris, your answer has nothing to do with my question, in case you didn't notice.

Ok, PLEASE READ MY LIPS, or at least the following text! NEVER answer with another question on top of or inside a question. Why? Because it will NEVER be answered!  ALWAYS go to the top menu bar and click on "Ask a Question" if you want an answer. Your lucky to get an answer with the original question let alone a tag-along. It does not matter if you're website has gone to ell or if your wife is about to give birth to a fully grown 6 year old Big Foot pending your website being online.

In your case you should have gone to the "Help" dropdown at the top of the page and clicked on "Support" and put in a support ticket. Then start a NEW "Ask a Question" and pray you get an answer from one of them.

Sorry if I seem rude. Forum users, please pay attention to what you're asking and where you are asking it. Of course that's your choice if you choose to waste your time and wait for a certain place to freeze over. Ha!

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Ah yes, please excuse me

Kind regards
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