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I develop a template for Joomla with 60% page width. The problem are the module positions:

1. In header I need to integrate “main top” module position, which is equal to the page width (actually a position just above positions “left”, content and “right”).

2. In footer I am trying to integrate own modules with full background width, but their position is always at links. My wish is the modules to be equal to the page width (when I select that option “Equal to page width” , the footer background is also with the same width and it is not what I need).

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by james (5.3k points)
We have replied on your ticket, so please provide the required files there so that we can help you resolve the problem
by johnny (180 points)

where can I see my ticket and your answer!?
I haven't received any email.
by templatetoaster (24.6k points)
You can see the the support ticket and reply here:

Your login email is:
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