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I have asked this question in the chat a couple of times but no one answers. I have created a new support ticket but no one is responding.

Now I'm trying here and hoping someone else can solve my problem because it doesn't seem like anyone on TemplateToaster has time to help me.

I have started using a new extension for my Joomla website. The problem is that some php code is printed at the top of the website now. I have written to the manufacturer and asked them,, and he responds like this;

This looks to be an issue with your template. We add Joomla's $document->addScriptDeclaration to add the script into the document but your template seems to be printing it without <script> tags. Can you please check with your template provider?

Now I ask anyone. Please help me with this problem. I don't know how to solve it otherwise.


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ago by lisa-west (35k points)

We have checked the above provided website URL, it seems any third party component is adding the script code outside the script tag which causes it to display at front. You may  provide your website's admin credentials at your support ticket we will check the script declaration at your end and will guide you accordingly.

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