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How do you duplicate a 'section' of a sample template you're customising?

For example, I am trying to edit the U Finance template for Joomla, which can be seen at

I would like to duplicate the area with four columns a little way down the front page: Banking, Share Stock, Future Plan, Family Plan - so there are eight items instead of four. Maybe I'd then like to move the second block of four further down the page too. Is there a way to do this kind of thing with different layout sections?

More generally, say I want to create a new area like this, but with a different configuration, such as a 'block' with two columns - maybe a picture and some text, is there a way to do that in TT, perhaps from a set of 'micro templates' (as there is in other software I've used but presumably I can't name).

Also, are there any stock images included with TT or do I have to source my own?

Thanks for any pointers.

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by phillips-guy (220 points)
OK I found the 'clone row' button which was off my screen! Still interested in answers to the other questions.
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