in Issues/Bugs by cellis (120 points)
I noticed under the General tab that I can choose a color scheme for the website I am creating. I can also add my own color scheme which seems very useful. However, when I select a color scheme it changes the colors of my site but does not let me easily use those colors in other areas. For instance, when I go to change the header color, the colors under "Theme Color" are not any of the colors of my selected color theme. Is this a bug or am I missing a step? Having to manually enter every color will really take a lot of time that I just do not have.

Thank you in advance for replies.

1 Answer

by james (5.3k points)
it seems i am not able to understand the problem, can you please explain it more? and you are getting problem on TemplateToaster or after exporting the theme?
by allyson-c-edgar (160 points)
I am having the same problem in Template Toaster. I went into General > Colors > Customize Color Scheme. Now when I add something (ie a text box), I choose the color and I see "Theme Colors" but this is just a general list of colors and doesn't represent what I set in my Color Scheme. How do I assign colors from my Color Scheme?
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