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What yould be real nice that TemplateToaster would have, is for the button "SubMenu Item"; that it is added the options: (Texture, Shadow; even "Image Choosen"). So like that if a user create his/her own button skin menu look. The image could be used, that TemplateToaster can use and "stretch" the image; so that it fit the menu. If it's an image, the image could be as jpg, png (for transparency), ai (adobe illustrator "stretching the image") even format "svg" (scalable vector graphic) that can also be stretched.

The other thing that would be nice is that the customers could have the possibility, to make apear on there page a (submenu) that is horizontal and under the principal menu. This when the user is onto a "submenu" page. That this "submenu" could be personalized to make it have the look wanted.

Like the principal menu, the "submenu" have also some indicators as (normal/hover/active). Also if as example the viewer would be into like (HomePage) that have some submenus as: (HomeSubA/HomeSubB/HomeSubC/etc). Its normal that "HomePage" show some look, indicating (active). But if the viewer is into the subpage as: "HomeSubB", that is shown also the state of the horizontal submenu. So logically show the "HomePage" state as (active) and the "HomeSubB" state also (active).

This make the "page viewers" know in what part of the website, wich is know as being an "ergnomic" thing to do.

Here is an image to help you visualize and make better TemplateToaster. Just wanting to help you make better your software and rise your customers. Also i believe that this idea is a good thing for peoples that work for TemplateToaster to do, and at the same time very good; because of the rise of the interest of peoples that it could bring.

Like i have suggested to you in the past to make TemplateToaster can be usable offline. So like that business peoples could meet customers, like in a restaurant meeting and other places; that could have no free wifi; to create with TemplateToaster the webpages for there customers. Rather than a software that need internet to work, and crash in front of the eyes for the customer business meeting.

Well i do care for your customers and care for you that work for TemplateToaster. I'm not paid for all of these great suggestions, but i'm happy to give you these indications free.

Thank's for your time. Also many thank's for your help that you have givin me trough time.

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Your text is run together, overwhelming and too many requests at one time. Make one suggestion at a time and put in a ticket along with your post here. You may get a response. (In case you have not noticed, this forum is different than most.)

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I still have difficulty to understand forums. Sorry. To separate the writing, the suggestion first is as shown on the previous image, clicking on "Submenu Item"; it could be nice that the option (Texture is added).
by sfavrongmail-com (640 points)
The other suggestion i dont know if TemplateToaster already have this thing. I think it could be a nice feature to personnalise "if wanted" each menu on each page. To explain it more i give a link to the png image i have done at:

On the image you simply see some colored squares with some legend. Now suppose the web viewer have clicked on the first square on the principal menu. ( Image show in blue), this make some sub menu apear ( Image show light blue squares ) indicating when the user click some principal personalize menu "if submenu" make some personalize menu show.

If some web viewer click on some principal menu (image show square in some red), that the menu have some "sub menu". The web viewer click on some "sub menu", making a (sub-sub menu apear).

Brief try to explain the possibility to personalise each menu on each page. Making some menu apear or not, depending on what is clicked (active state).

Please forgive me, i still have difficulty to understand forums; just want to help TemplateToaster be better not only for the customers. Also more customers that bring more money to you.

Thank's for your time.
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