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Hi. I'm looking to be able to have a video as the main site background which is permenently there rather than reloading every time you click a link. Is it possible to have the video background permanent and continue to play and then load the entire site's content into an Iframe or something so that the content reloads but not the background video ?



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We apologize for the convenience caused to you.

TemplateToaster allows you to play your video repeatedly. Follow the steps to make your video play on repeat

Open TemplateToaster->Your Template->Video->Repeat

2 At present there is no such option to play your video permanently in the background as when you refresh or reload your page then the video link will also get reloaded with the request.

We are also sharing the screenshot for your reference. We hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions, comments.

by spellcast (160 points)
Hi, thanks for your reply. I have been able to make an entire site from template toaster that is 100% transparent so it seems that to have "Site B" (Content) appear over "Site A" (Video) could be possible with some sort of Iframe Years ago we used to use <DIV> Tags but alas this seems no longer supported. But thanks for your assistance.

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