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How do you create a menu "button" for subpages that is not linked to any page but only shows the subpages.

EG: the "Help" button on TT's main page that has 3 subpages. (I know how to create a child page, that's easy.)

Some programs call it a folder with child pages.


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by john-smith (1.9k points)


Thanks for letting us know about the situation and we'd love to help you with this.

At present, there is no such option in TemplateToaster to create a menu like this that has no link. You can provide the link of the sub menu to the menu item.

 You can also check on the official site of the TemplateToaster if we click on the help it will redirect to the submenu item.

If you still face any issues. Please create a support ticket and share a screenshot of the issue so that we can trace it and provide you with an appropriate solution.

You can create a support ticket through this link->

We are also sharing the screenshot for your reference. We hope this is helpful.  

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