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Let’s talk about breakpoints and screen preview presets. In ancient times 3 presets/breakpoints were fine. In today’s world with screens between 1920 to 360/320 being popular, 3 presets/breakpoints are not enough. Please update to Bootstrap 5 which now has 5 breakpoints. And make them adjustable. With all due respect, here’s what other popular programs have, your competition. (I have these programs and most since FrontPage.)

One program has 10 adjustable breakpoints available. Another program has 21 presets for: iPhone-iPad-android and tablets to view your page and a built-in slider at the bottom of the workspace. Still another program has 25 adjustable breakpoints available. TT with bootstrap 5 should have 6 or 7 screen preview presets, please update.  Do a search on “bootstrap 5 breakpoints”.

The response/answer will be that TT is fine the way it is, of course. The reality is it’s outdated! And that is too bad, for TT is an excellent program with this exception. I thought maybe this was fixed with TT 8. Just dropped to position 2-3 in my list of programs. Please consider, THANKS

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Thanks for reaching out about this and it is a great suggestion. We genuinely appreciate it. We've forwarded your request to the concerned authority. Let us know if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

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