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How do I remove blog page from template?

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Thanks for letting us know about the situation. We'd love to help you with this.

TemplateToaster allows you to remove the blog page from the menu items. you just need to remove the blog page from the menu-> edit menu option. Follow the steps to remove the blog page

Open TemplateToaster->Your Template->Menu->Edit menu->Untick the blog option-> Save

We are also attaching screenshots for your reference. We hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

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In Templatetoaster 8 that "Edit menu" button not apear? Is there another way to remove blog page from template?
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Correct, this is useless!
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TemplateToaster version 8 provides "Edit menu" option under Menu tab same as v7, please make sure you are at "Home page" in TemplateToaster as in the above provided screenshot, if not then please first select the Home page from the right tab pane of pages and then go to Menu tab form top ribbon.
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Edit button does not exist.
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I am using V8.1.0.20924 and it works as outlined above. You must select the 'Home Page' menu item before this can be done
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