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With Artisteer I was able to create a 2 menu system for Joomla 3.x for my sports club website:
a horizontal menu with only level 1 items and a vertical menu with level 2 items and higher.
I'm now trying to get this to work using TemplateToaster for Joomla 4 but it doesn't work whatever I configure.
You can see the working Joomla 3.9 website here: or the image below then you can see what I mean.
If it works I will buy the professional edition, but I need some advice, how to get this working.

Kind Regards

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Thanks for letting us know about the situation. We'd love to help you with this.

You can create a sidebar from the TemplateToaster and the 'n' number of menus from the backend which will work parallel. You just need to set the module position accordingly Follow the steps to add a sidebar from TemplateToaster

Open TemplateToaster->Your Template->Click on sidebar-> Layout->Left sidebar

Follow the steps to create the menu.

Open Joomla backend-> Menu->Manage->New->Create menu accordingly-> Add sub menu accordingly

Click on system->Site Module->New-> Select Menu Type Module-> Select the menu-> Position->Left->Menu Assignment->select on all pages except those select->Untick the menu position where you want to show that module position->Save

We hope this is helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns.

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Thanks so far for the help.

I can now see both menus, but they don't really work together.

When I set the side menu to only show menu items with level 2 and above, the entire side menu disappears.
Only when I include level 1 in the setting is the whole menu visible again.

The side menu currently always shows all menu items. But that's not what I need.
However, only those menu items should be displayed in the side menu that are at level 2 or higher, depending on the selected main menu item (as can be seen in the pictures or on the website).

Kind regards
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forget about my last comment. I found the cause. By mistake I defined a separate side menu in Joomla, where I always wanted to see the items of the main menu. That's nonsense, because I don't need a second menu. The solution is to use a second module instead that is also related to the main menu, simply being positioned on the side and with with the correct level restriction. It now works the way I wanted it to.

Now I can look at the other features to understand how TemplateToaster works in detail. But as of today I am pretty sure that I will order TemplateToasterT. I'll clear it with my sports club. Thanks again for your help!

Kind regards
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