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Dear TemplateToaster.. I used artisteer for a long time. I have downloaded the 'test' version of TemplateToaster and am likely to purchase the professional version. But one glaring ommission is a module map showing all the default module positions in a joomla template. I have notice I am not the only ex-artisteer user requesting the same. I have uploaded what such a map looks like. Having this would make things so much easier. I am about to make my own as module positions are absolute key to a good Joomla site.

I have searched everywhere on your site, read the documentation, and looked on the WWW and I cannot find a template toaster joomla module position map. Please create one as it would be very beneficial to your business (new sales) and help existing users.

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Thanks for letting us know about the situation. We'd love to help you with this.

You can also check all the default positions given by our theme in the Joomla frontend. You can view all the module positions by simply adding "?tp=1" next to your website URL. This will show all the module positions on the screen.

Also, there is one setting that needs to be enabled from the Joomla backend to see the Module positions. Follow these steps:

Joomla backend-> System-> Site Template->Options (displaying at the right side near help)->Enabled preview module positions

Please check the screenshots below for your reference.

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