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Hello. How do i create dropdown menu in blogger?

I can add new buttons to menu, but i dont understand how to put page in sub menu, so you see it when pointing main button. In preview templates there is dropdown menu working well, but when i apply it to blogger i can only create main menu buttons, without submenu. Is there some symbol i should add before page name like it made on some other templates from internet like "-" or "_"?

thank you in advance.

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We have implemented this feature for the Blogger submenu in the internal build of TemplateToaster Version 8 i.e. Version

You may download this version from the given link below : 

You can create a submenu by using the "-" or "hyphens" before the page name.

For the main menu item -> Add without the hyphen
For First level menu -> Add with - (one hyphen)
For second Level Menu -> Add with -- (two hyphens)
For third level menu -> Add with --- (three hyphens)
Steps to create a new page:
Layout -> Crosscol -> Edit-> Add a new item-> Add page name and page url-> Save

If you face any issue then you can create a support ticket. 

Support ticket URL:

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