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Any theme that I create, by default, has a slideshow at the top.  I can disable it of course.  But I can't see what the use of it is if I keep it.  When I create the Drupal theme, it just creates the sample slides in the page template with each linked to  So, if I want to put my own photos in and have them link to certain pages, I have to edit the page template (page.html.twig). to do it.  Am I missing something or is it really that useless.  Sorry for the snarkiness of that.  Its entirely possible I'm missing something.  But when I see hard-coded slides right in the page.html.twig file with hard coded link going to, I find myself at a loss to understand why anyone would be able to make use of that functionality.  This is a recurring issue that I have encountered with theme creation tools as well as purchased and downloaded themes.  Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding what a theme is supposed to be.  But it doesn't seem like sample content should ever be hard-coded into the theme like that.

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You can change the links and background images of Slideshow directly from TemplateToaster. You can disable the slideshow from TemplateToaster directly.

If you have downloaded a sample template from the website, you must've got a ".ttr" file for that template. You can install TemplateToaster and open that ttr file. There is a slideshow tab in TemplateToaster from where you can change the styling of the slideshow and also you can enabled and disabled the slideshow directly.

To add your background image and link in slideshow:

TemplateToaster-> Your template-> Slideshow tab-> Background-> Images-> More images-> Browse-> Select your image-> Open-> Add link-> Save

By these steps your image will be added in background along with a link.

Here's a link from where you can follow the instruction:
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But how does that help me once I've already uploaded my template to my client's live site?  My clients can't honestly be expected to do this and upload a new template to their site every time they want to post a new news item to their slideshow.  I'll be getting calls constantly.  "oops!  I screwed up again.  Can you fix my website?"  I'd need to provide them with FTP access and instructions for that as well.  I'm afraid I can't see how this is practical.
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