in Joomla Templates by joolie-shamoolie (240 points)
I created a joomla template and just uploaded it to my site. I also imported the content. On some - not all - pages, there's a "tt" at the end of the url.

Why is this happening? I would really like to get rid of that.

1 Answer

by lisa-west (35k points)
We have checked the above-provided URL, we are unable to access the URL with -tt, it's working fine without this,  please mention if you are still facing the issue and provide the URL where you are facing the problem issue so that we can check the issue and guide you accordingly.
by joolie-shamoolie (240 points)
I actually figured it out this morning. I had to do with aliases in joomla. I had created and deleted a page with the alias "print" and when I imported my content it created another "print" page and it added "tt" at the end of the alias name to differentiate it from the original "print" page. I was able to empty the trash to get rid of that page and change the alias to what I wanted. I've since taken down my site as I'm experiencing an issue with the template and I'm trying a clean install of joomla and the template later on today.
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