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Hello, I'm a pretty desperate Nicepage user and I want to have a few questions answered before I buy template toasters.

1. Most important question. Do you have In Virtue Mart products on request and can that be implemented with TT? Is the form used by VM?

2. Can TT represent all fields of VM? All price variants? Also the fields you created yourself?

3. Does TT have full SVG support? I ask because I can't see that in the trial version.

4. Does Bootstrap5 come automatically with Joomla 4 RC?

5. How satisfied are you with the support?

Thank you for your efforts !

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1. You can add the styling and layout to your template by using TemplateToaster and also TemplateToaster provides you compatibility with all the extensions provided for Virtuemart,

2. Yes, TemplateToaster represents all fields of VirtueMart, all price variants, and also the fields you created yourself.

3. We are going to provide an SVG feature in the next version of TemplateToaster.

4. Yes, TemplateToaster provides Bootstrap 5. for the Joomla 4.

5. We, as the support team of the TemplateToastere always ready to look at your problems and provides you solutions.

   You may also get in touch with our support team and ask your query by generating a ticket from the link given below.
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