in HTML Website by dan128 (120 points)
Hi TT staff,

I'm trying your software and come to a point of adding a parallax background. I went through topics dated 2017. Now we are in 2021, is the parallax effect added to to your software? I'm trying to use it on an HTML project.

Please I need your feedback.


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by robert-williams (5.2k points)


Currently TemplateToaster doesn't provide to use Parallax background, but TemplateToaster provides you an option to give scroll or fix on the body background and you can also attach effects over the image on the content Images to create the effect like the Parallax background.

by dan128 (120 points)
Thank you so much for your feedback and I appreciate it. I will try it but what I had wañted to achieve is to apply a parallax effect in content area. I will play with the software hopping to achieve something reasonable. Thanks again once more
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