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SidebarMenu Bugs

Display during the design theme (wordpress)

[ img ]

Display in the browser, sidebarmenu top position, looked a mess

[ img ]

Display in the browser, sidebarmenu position number 2, looks normal

[ img ]

Hopefully there are improvements in the next version

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by james (5.3k points)
This issue has been resolved in the latest build, please download latest build from .
by admuit (300 points)
Display during the design theme (Joomla)

Display in the browser, sidebarmenu position left, looked like this (IE and Crome)

TemplateToaster v5.0.0.7438

Sidebarmenu TempToast_v5xxx.PNG

Sidebarmenu website.PNG
by sarah (15.2k points)
Please provide the url of your website.
by admuit (300 points)
I sent you this on

Hello Sarah,

My excuse, I have this translated using Google Translate. I speak not enough technical English.

This is the URL of my website where you on the forum asks:
Here you see the template that I made with TemplateToaster v4.

This template I opened with TemplateToaster v5.0.0.7438 and saved under a different name and this is the template with which I work at the test site.
This template does not work well with the horizontal layout of the menus.
On the advice of support I am working on a test site to change the structure of the menus.
This opinion does solve the problem, but I have to adjust all the menus, but unfortunately this has to.

While I started this slowly at a test site occurred for another hitch.
From the sidebar menu, the settings will not work properly.
In the design in TTv5 see the sidebar menu good, as intended. On the website, not much remains of the sidebar menu. See illustrations.
Despite the fact that I change in TTv5 institutions, on the site the sidebar menu remains unchanged.

I give you here the temporary existing login data from the test site with superuser privileges.
This site is still empty, but you can see how it is structured, if available. NOTE: It is still very early in design.

I give you here the login data of the test site as superuser.
The URL of the test site is: At the forum removed
The login name is: At the forum removed
The password is: At the forum removed
The used e-mail address is: At the forum removed

Go through Start > Administratie; and you can also go to the backend of the site with the same credentials.

I send this e-mail also the images and the template as appendices.

Yours sincerely
by sarah (15.2k points)
It seems the issue has been resolved at your side as it is working fine at our end. Please find the enclosed attachment.

by admuit (300 points)
What is going on I do not know yet. I saw this on the site, the first menu item was something more placed left. I deleted the menu module and a new one created. To my surprise, the layout of the left sidebar menu module suddenly was almost good. For the second menu module, the same story. I'm going with Template Toaster try if I can get well the rest of the alignment. If this works it might be a mistake in Joomla?
I'll let you know later whether it was successful.
by admuit (300 points)
What is going on? It took me a long time to give a detailed description of the existing problem. It has disappeared from the forum here?
by admuit (300 points)
In short I would like to mention the following. In TTv5 work saving changes are not good. In particular, in the sidebar menu. For Example; Shadow is set to no shade and it is stored. Later, the shadow appears to be on again. And there are more settings that are not saved after a change.
by admuit (300 points)
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