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Am I the only one having trouble with the Pages Tab vs the Blog Tab in Joomla templates? Why are they different? What is the difference? I have a template created under V7 that I made a few changes to in V8 and now the site looks completely different! No matter what I try, I can't seem to get it to look like it did in V7. What's with pages? I purchased TT because the last program I used ceased development and TT seemed like a great program to develop templates. I want the software to develop templates for Joomla. I don't want a template maker to use to generate pages. That's what the CMS is for! It seems like they are trying to be too many things to too many people. I'm finding big differences between the view in TT, the preview view in Chrome from TT, and the actual view of the website on-line.  I just set up a brand new workstation and have been installing all the latest versions of software on it.  TT7 on my old workstation can't open any files saved as TT8. So, any old templates I opened and saved in TT8 I'm screwed. Now I'm trying to find my install/setup file for TT7 to set up on my new workstation. Is it possible to get a download of a previously purchased TT7? What a disappointment. I spend a fortune on a nice beefed-up workstation to handle the latest software in a variety of programs and now I'm looking to try and install older versions of this.

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When you Export With Content, the Home page layout and styling applies on all the pages until you do not change the Blog page and other pages layout or styling manually from TT.

In case of Export Without Content, the Blog page layout and styling will be apply on all the pages.
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