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I am trying to build a Joomla template from scratch using the professional version of TT, but having designed my page, I find that the menu bar background colour does not appear in the final website, nor is it properly set up across the page. Instead, the bar is white, and text and buttons in all but the active button are invisible. In addition, the menu area is confined to a small section of the screen as though it only appears within one module position of four positions.
I have tried exporting the template in different bootstrap versions, joomla versions and using different web browsers, but all give the same results.

Please advise what should be done to correct this. I can send you a copy of my template, my screen output in TT and also in the end product browser.

Thank you

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please open a support ticket at : and provide you template file as well as the zip exported at your end.
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