in Joomla Templates by ollycd (220 points)
I just installed my first TT template on a new Joomla website but in the WYSIWYG editor  (TinyMCE) I don't see the setup website typography changes / layout I made in TT9 for H1 H2 / colour / size / border ect. ect.

What is it I forgot to do ?

1 Answer

by patricia-jones (3.4k points)
The Joomla Template exported from TemplateToaster is a Frontend Template. The Template style and layout will load in Website Frontend, not in Website Backend Editor.
by ollycd (220 points)
The editor on frontend and backend give the same problem, since the same engine is used in both causes,
please give a solution and a real one.
by bs-mediasolutions (100 points)
Text is in article is formated h1/h2
Template is active for the site
Cache cleared?
by ollycd (220 points)
Yea checked ,
even did ad nieuwer template and other Pc's the same , cach cleared local and in the backend
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