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After being busy with other projects I am back to working on my website.  The last version I had installed was  I tried to install the latest version and upon opening my template, portions of the background designs had been purged, (turned to blank white) etc.

The design of my pull down menus were also purged and now they are blank white with thin text.  I reverted back to version and the background patterns returned however the colors and other settings for the pull-down menus are still blank white.

Is it possible I was not to install the current version into my existing Version 7 programs folder, as the software was going to create a new additional Version 8 folder within the program files folder.

Thank You

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by robert-williams (5.2k points)

TemplateToster7 or TemplateToaster 8 create the separate folder so it is not possible. For your designing issue please open a support ticket at and provide your template file as well as screenshot of the issue. Our support team will check and provide you an appropriate solution.
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