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I recently installed the new 1.5 version after using 1.4 After opening a template i created in 1.4 which for some reason had the header background go missing when actually installed and used in Joomla 2.5 website I thought maybe this bug had been fixed so i used 1.5 to output to new file. This time all that was displayed was an email link to myself (presumably the link from the footer).

i then re-created the template in short bursts and updated. All seemed to be going fine so i did the last few updates and uploads all together thinking that it was probably just because i imported a 1.4v template.....same thing happened - just the footer link appears. nothing else - no text, no colour, no nothing apart from the email link.

As I say, everything seemed to be going to plan so the info below is what was added since the last working template was uploaded.

Failed Setup:
I added an image to the header
I added a footer
I added module positions to the footer
I altered the standard text in the copyright and link to publisher

Any info on this crash would be greatly appreciated.

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Please provide us your exported Joomla template here or at support:

Are you using Search Engine Friendly URLs, if yes make sure you have:

- Enabled the 'Use Apache mod_rewrite'
- Renamed the htaccess.txt to .htaccess
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