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On the first line of content paragraphs in column 2 (see image) I am getting a left indent of probably about 10 pts or so.

I cannot find the function in TT8 to control this, bearing in mind all padding and margins are set to zero.

Can you point me in the right direction, please?

UPDATE: I found the context menu on right click > paragraph. The menu stays open when the dialog pops up and there is no way to set paramaters in the dialog or save it.

Also, I note indent is set to zero, but the first line clearly has an indent.


1 Answer

by finalfiler (460 points)

I seem to have stumbled on a solution, although I don't think it's intuitive or even seems to be the right solution. More of a kludge:

  • Select the content column
  • Stumble into  the Content > editor  (I find this process to be hit and miss. Very frustrating)
  • Give it an unordered list bullet (Paragraph > List icon > disc)
  • A bullet marker should appear, with indent removed
  • Click Paragraph > List icon > none
  • Click Decrease Indent icon

Indent & bullet is gone.


by robert-williams (5.2k points)
You can increase or decrease the indent of paragraph or line by using the increase or decrease the indent button. Double-click on text and editor tab will open find the indent button under paragraph.
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