in Joomla Templates by finalfiler (460 points)

The options we  set for an article at edit stage are being ignored. For example, in the following link

The options are for

  • category =  do not show
  • publishing date - do not show,
  • icons = do not show

but they continue to appear.


1 Answer

by iceferret (3.3k points)
Apologies if you know this already. There are three places in Joomla to set those options, Globally, menu, and article. If you've set them in the article then have a look at the options in the menu item linking to the article.
by robert-williams (5.2k points)
Article options are show or hide the metadata in post page like blog. If you need to show or hide the metadata in single article page then you need to check the menu item option.
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