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Just a general question: is it possible to create a Drupal 8 theme from the following Drupal 7 theme used at ?

TT7 could not do this task correctly and therefore I ask this question.

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by patricia-jones (3.4k points)
In TemplateToaster, existing Drupal 7 themes can be used to create and export Drupal 8 theme. You just need to open your Drupal 7 ttr file => now go to File => Export => Select version 8.x => click Export

TemplateToaster v8 comes with content in case of Drupal also. While exporting a Drupal 8 theme from TT v8, disable Content check box in case you need to update style and layout of a theme not the Content. Steps: File => Export => Select version 8.x => disable Content check box => click Export.

Still you face some issues, then please open a Support Ticket (refer link: ) and provide us your ttr file and Website Credentials. Our Support team will guide you accordingly.
by patrick-ruytingsgmail-com (180 points)
I did not formulate my question clear enough. The theme you see on was created with Artisteer 4. For the  site I want to make the same theme with TT8. When I try to do this, TT8 screws up the whole website. For instaed: instead of showing an horizontal menu (as created with Drupal 8), it shows a vertical menu...
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