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I try to make template with two columns in the container.

In each column I want to display brief info about (let's say) the 5 latest (or fixed) posts in one category (to be set for column) - It should be the main page for template. And from this page we can go to another page with full article (post).

I tried almost all I can imagine with no success :(

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by robert-williams (5.2k points)

TemplateToaster provide the option add sidebar on particular page. You can add the sidebar in blog page (e.g. Right side bar).
Click on Blog page > Click on Sidebar > Layout > Right Sidebar.

Set the width of Sidebar according to your need. > Export.

Open WordPress Dashboard > Activate theme > Add the Categories widget to Right sidebar widget.
by handel (120 points)
Sorry, but it is not working in way I need - As I said - I need two columns 2/3 and 1/3 width of the contener - in each column blog (posts from one, choosen category). Posts should be ppresented as short version with "read more" link to the entire post.
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