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I have used the magento theme and have installed on Magento 2.x version. There are multiple issues I am facing.

1. The menu items and the header links are not editable.

2. In the TTR preview I can see the menu bar but after deploying the theme in Magento ver. 2.2.10 the menu bar is not displayed.

3. After deployment the slider are not working. And only the last side is shown on the page.

4. Look n feel on the IOS safari vesion is not being rendered as per the designed mobile version.

These are not duplicate questions. Similar question asked by other people are still unanswered. Appreciate if you can help with some pointers to fix the issues.



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by robert-williams (5.2k points)


  1. TemplateToaster show the dummy data for E-Commerce CMS you can add or edit the menu in CMS backend. Check this tutorial for add menu items
  2. Sidebar are  block where you can place widgets, if widgets are not placed then it will not appear. Please follow these steps to add the sidebar widgets Magento dashboard > Content > Widgets >  Add New Widget >  Choose the required fields (Type of block you want to place in sidebar) and  (choose theme name from Design theme) > Continue > Fill all the required fields > Add Layout update > Choose the pages list where you want to add the sidebar e.g. All Pages > After that Choose the Container as Sidebar Main > Save.
  3. Please provide your live site address so that we can check the mobile view for different browser.
  4. You can show or hide and change the Header Link typography in TemplateToaster. Click on Header tab > Enable or disable the Link by click on Links checkbox.
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