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hi, i want to have a second menue for the meta navigation, including sitemap and so on.

this menue should be above the header, horizontal and with a smaller size then the normal header menue

till now, i#ve created this second menue, but i can't get it horizontal, with fluid witdh and with a smaller size then the other menu.

any idea?

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by patricia-jones (3.4k points)

TemplateToaster provides various option to add/style/layout widget module below and above Header/Menu/Content/Footer. To add second menu as your requirements follow the steps:

1. Open your ttr file.

2. Click 'Module Postions' Menu.

3. Click 'Add Row' option => Click Above Header => In appeared dialog set No. of Columns to 1 and Enter 1st cell name(e.g. New Module)  => Click Ok.

4. Click on your created Module => Style/layout accordingly.

5. Export your Template.

On your Joomla Backend:

6. Install Template => Set this Template to Default.

7. Now Click on Menus => Manage => Click on 'Add a module for this menu' Corresponding to your new menu.

8. Enter title in appeared dialog and Set Position to your created Module Position(i.e. New Module ).

9. Click 'Save & Close' => Visit your Site.

by bodo-reinwaldt (200 points)
Hi Patrica, thx a lot. I got the menue on the top of the website. That´s fine.But still one question: I´ve added the row by using "module postion", but I can´t edit the layout, size and so on. The menue is to big. How can I change for example the letter size of this menue? I can not find it under the thypography.
by patricia-jones (3.4k points)
This can be achieved using Custom Css option. There are two ways for adding custom css in Template, first in TemplateToaster itself and second from Joomla Backend.

In TemplateToaster : Open General tab => Click Css option => Add css accordingly in appeared Css Editor => Click Save => Export your Template

In Joomla CMS: Extensions => Templates => Click on your Activated Template => Open 'Style Options' tab => add css accordingly in textarea corresponding to 'Custom Css' option => click Save => Visit your Site

In case you need custom css code to achieve this, please open a Support Ticket (refer link: ) and provide us your ttr file and Website Credentials. Our Support team will guide you accordingly.
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