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I do not think it is not a practical solution for TT7 users, your application must have a button to insert a search box, which has the options to center, typeface, transparent or assign any color, font size etc, create and design from the same TT7 without the need to create a widget, remember that this option is not new, it is already incorporated in many applications of graphic design of templates, one of these and well known is Artisteer. Every time you have me more disappointed, you don't offer a solution to the client, I feel that I lost my money with you. Thank you.

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Joomla provides the search module, So you can add the search module from Joomla backend.

Please follow these steps to customize the search module in TemplateToaster :-

Open TemplateToaster > Joomla > Element > Apply the style on Button or Input type.

These style will apply on your search module.

For set the position of any module you need to add the custom CSS.
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