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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Top Multi Tools

For quite a lot of our readers, the best multitool acts as the centerpiece of their Everyday Carry (EDC) kit. A high quality multitool like a Victorinox Swisstool is an incredibly versatile and useful piece of gear. A multitool is essentially a miniaturized toolbox. It can be a knife, a file, a small screwdriver or a bottle opener when needed.

Multitools nowadays have become so cheap as well as being more compact with a lot more selection of tools. So, it’s not very surprising that they have become some of the most popular products in the EDC department.

Regardless, it is still a rather sophisticated piece of equipment. We’ve received a lot of questions from our readers over the years and we have highlighted two of the most popular questions in this article to help you with understanding your multitool a little bit better.

Can I Bring My Multi Tool onto Planes?

It’s not difficult to see the appeal of carrying a good multi tool in the baggage while travelling. There are countless scenarios that could happen while you’re travelling that the  best multi tools on the market may become useful. The only thing that’s stopping everyone from having a multi tool with them, however, is airport security.

So, can you bring a multi tool onto planes?

Yes, you can (at least in the US.) But expectedly, there are certain caveats to this.

There are no rules forbidding you from bringing your multi-tool along if you put it in your checked bags. The tough part will start if you bring it along in your carry-on bag.

First thing first, a multi tool that can act as a pocket knife is prohibited for carry-on. Don’t bring a multi tool with knife blades with you onto the plane – leave it in the checked bags in the luggage hold. Multi tools with scissors are a little bit less restrictive.

As long as the scissors have blades that are less than 4 inches, you may put it into your carry-on bag.

But beware that while this may be the general rules, the final decision on whether you can bring a multi tool with you through the checkpoint and onto the plane lies with the TSA officer.

Even if you have a compliant multi tool, you may be asked to leave it behind. Therefore, we highly recommend always checking your multi-tool into your checked bags unless it is absolutely important that you carry it with you.

I Found Rust on My Stainless Steel Multi Tool, Is It Defective?

Most multi tools, including the best multi tool brands  like Leatherman Wave, Gerber Suspension, and Victorinox Swisstool have a stainless steel construction. It is important to keep in mind that stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, not rust-resistant.

As a result, rust can certainly form on stainless steel but the material’s key strength lies in the fact that, unlike your normal steel, it is not affected or broken down by rust as long as you maintain it properly and daily.

Therefore, maintenance and oiling should be done every once in a while, to keep your multi tool in tip-top shape. No equipment can last without proper care and, as durable as multi tools are, they are still equipment.

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And these are the two most popular questions that we were asked by you! We hope that you have found the article to be useful in giving you more insights on the ability of your multi tool set. Also, don’t be shy to send us your questions if you have something on your mind that we haven’t spoken about yet! We will be very happy to answer them for you.

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