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OK, registered, subscribed, designed the first template, much to like.

But, why does the final template when uploaded to our website display a back ground image that we did not select and that does not appear in the design stage.

The image appears to be a series of large horizontal lines of different colours.

UPDATE: This is what I am seeing as the template background when we upload it to the web server:

We are yours sincerely really confused.

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We are unable to generate this issue at our end. Please generate the support ticket here :-  and if  your site is live then share  site URL or attach the  full screenshot of the issue.

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The background image issue seems to have resolved itself in subsequent updates of the template we designed.
But to add to our issues we are now getting modules, that are NOT assigned to anything, displaying weird background images at position hbmodulepositionnn

The background image in the modules appears to be the same one that we saw previously in the background. I'm suspecting it is some old image on our server that for whatever reason is interacting with the template,

I have kludged it by setting the hba module positions to none for now.
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