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What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors?

The everyday job of cleaning our floors might not seem so easy, even with the help of conventional vacuum cleaners. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at a specific type of floor which is really common in most households–the hardwood floor. We’ll also do some tests with different types of vacuum cleaners to see which one performs better. So stay tuned if you’re interested.

About vacuum cleaners and hardwood floors

The thing with vacuum cleaners is that they were designed to be carpet cleaners. And most specifically, it’s the small dust particles and debris that you can pick up by hand or by using a broom. But for the most part, the manufacturers still expect the consumer to just grab a broom and sweep their floor when dealing with large debris.

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Nowadays, people are starting to want less carpeting and turning toward hardwood floors more often. Hence, the old vacuum cleaner might not seem so fit for the job. That being said, you’ll always find yourself in an uncomfortable position when trying to clean your hardwood floors, even with the best vacuum cleaners.

Different styles of vacuum cleaners

In our journey to find the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, we’ve come across dozens of different products with varied designs.

  • Canister – the traditional type of vacuum cleaner offers good suction and excellent maneuverability over a small area. In addition, it also does well with small debris, dust, and hair. But you’ll still find your canister vacuum cleaner struggling with large debris.
  • Upright – while most upright vacuum cleaners come with adjustable vacuum heads that allow you to change the height, they’re still not capable of generating enough suction for the large debris, especially with less expensive vacuum cleaners.
  • Cordless – With no power cord, you’ll be free to roam around with your cordless vacuum cleaner. And you will have a better angle to suck the debris off your floor. Still, we don’t think that it’s the answer that you’re looking for.

After testing dozens of different vacuum cleaners, we realized one thing. It’s not the design that plays the major role, it’s your vacuum heads that will decide the performance. While the design would still contribute to the performance to some degree, it’s nothing compared to having a different vacuum head.


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Finding the right vacuum heads

Traditional vacuum heads

With all the traditional vacuum heads, you still can’t completely deal with hardwood floors. And this is due to the brushes on the vacuum head. While it helps with small debris and dust, these vacuum heads also prevent hairs and large debris from entering the suction hose. This defeats the purpose of vacuuming in the first place. And you’ll have to deal with large chunks of hair in your vacuum head later.

If they’re not working well, why don’t you take the brushes off? We thought you would ask this and have a proper reason for it. With the brushes being taken off, you’ll find the large debris quite easy to deal with. But, then you’ll have a hard time picking up the dust and lighter debris up off the floor, especially since we don’t have any brushes to pick them up anymore.

The new soft roller head


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Don’t feel bad yet because here comes the good news. You can completely forget about the traditional vacuum head and switch to a soft roller. By having a rolling brush on the front, this vacuum head will pick up all the dust and debris on the floor then transfer them right into the suction hose. Hence, you can get rid of all the dirt in one single sweep. But make sure you go for the top rated vacuum cleaners to get the best suction power.

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