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I find myself with a phantom page. This keeps happening. When it happened the first time, I decided to restart my template from scratch. But it just happened to me again, and it happened to me on the same page. I create a new page by cloning an existing page. I have a print portfolio page, a digital portfolio page, and so on. It's the digital that's doing this to me. So again, I create the page by cloning then giving the name Digital to the page. I hit save and nothing happens. I try it again and it says the name is taken. So the page exists but I don't see it anywhere. Very frustrating! I had started over my template for nothing.

My second attempt at the template is turning out worse that before. When I try to create a third page (photography) that page doesn't show up either. Again, I cloned from the first page I made (print).

It only seems to happen when I clone a page, which isn't very convenient because I shouldn't have to keep rebuilding a page from scratch that has the exact same layout.

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Our development team is looking forward towards your issue. We will revert back as soon as possible.
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