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Changing the link colours doesn't work. I go to Elements - Links to change them, like I'm supposed to. The colour is still the default blue colour. I tried hand-coding them in the CSS but that doesn't work either. What's strange is that when I use underline as the text decoration, the underline is the colour I set it to but the text is still the default blue.I also set the hover and visited links to be underlined but that doesn't appear to be working either.

I can manually change the link colour, of course. But this isn't acceptable. I shouldn't have to change the colour manually for every single link in the website. Right now I'm creating my portfolio website, but what if I were creating a template for a client? They probably won't know enough about websites to go and change all their link colours manually.

I am working on a Wordpress theme.

Update: I also tried setting links in under General - Typography. Doesn't work either. In fact, the more I try to set the styles for different parts of the website, the more things don't work. I just tried to set the typography for the footer text and links and nothing is happening.

I even started a fresh file to see if that would make a difference. It doesn't. In fact, if I try to make a link in a piece of text, the whole line of text turns into the same colour as the link (the default blue).

I think I just bought myself a whole load of frustration when I bought TT, thinking it would make my life easier.

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by robert-williams (5.2k points)
In TemplateToaster v7 the 'ELEMENTS' styling is for blog page only but you can change the text color by selecting the text on double click. Now TemplateToaster v8 Beta has the feature that will also style the element in other pages (i.e content pages). If you are currently using TemplateToaster v7 please update to TemplateToaster v8 Beta and check if your requirements are fulfilled. Also, make sure to save a separate copy of ttr file of TemplateToaster v7 before switching to TemplateToaster v8 Beta as it is in beta state.
by joolie-shamoolie (240 points)
I installed TT 8. Seems I can style links and other stuff. I tested it out on a couple of random templates and it works. I tested it out on a "from scratch". which also works. But it doesn't work on the template I chose to modify, which is the Interior Designing template. I create a link and the colour doesn't even change. So it's possibly something with this template?
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