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My first project and trying to save. What's the most common reason for this error code and how to fix ? I checked the forums, only this I pasted was a logo and tried to save my work.

"It seems a Unicode character '' is being pasted while pasting other content, Please remove those characters and save your project file. 

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It seems there is some issue occurs while pasting the logo image regarding image format or any Unicode character is being paster, please once try by browsing the logo image instead of pasting.

To browse the logo image please follow the steps provide below:

Go to TemplateToaster -> header/menu/slideshow -> logo -> more -> browser.

If still, you face the same issue, please contact us on live chat. Our support team is available over chat from 10 AM to 9 PM Indian Standard Time. You can use the following time zone converter for the time estimation: 

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