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Hi can you  supply me with the minimum hardware requirements to run templatetoaster smoothly on a pc ?

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by patricia-jones (3.3k points)
Please refer the link : for hardware requirements to run TemplateToaster.
by qimihael (120 points)
That is the software requirements.  I ask for hardware requirements please
by patricia-jones (3.3k points)
To run TemplateToaster please make sure to follow the below provided hardware requirements:
1. Processor Core i3 or above.
2. Minimum of 4GB RAM.
by qimihael (120 points)
I have
Windows 10 Home 64-bit  Version: 18362.295
CPU: AMD A10 Extreme Edition Radeon R8, 4C+8G
Memory:8GB  Samsung 1600MHz

and it is still very laggy and slow,  so please guide me to solve this issue. so far this product has been a waste of  money for me be cause of  that. I have restored my pc  with no effect and  reinstalled the software without effect
regards michael
by student-donald (1.5k points)
Hey micheal, open the Task Manager and see what’s going on. Is your processer speed 2.0 Ghz? (Slow in today's world)
Running out of memory? Check Processes, Performance and Services. See what’s going on.

Check the Program Files folder to see if TT is there and not in the Program Files (x86) folder running as a 32 bit program.
Go to the Control Panel and check all the Programs and Features. Is something there that shouldn’t be?

Did you install with Admin rights or as Admin?
Did you install with all security features turned off. (Sometimes with them on it can corrupt the download also.)

Your computer should be ok but I see a lot people having problems with games.

(“and it is still very laggy and slow”) with your website loaded? When – How? Do you have a have a lot of images?
If you start a new website or use a template is it still slow. More details would be a great help.

A lot of the time you will not get a respond from the staff after the first answer,
so I would put in a new post with your follow up question, if no response.

(There has not been a lot of complaints about speed since they released the 64 bit program.)

You can always submit a ticket to Support also.
by student-donald (1.5k points)
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