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Please help,

I recently bought a new laptop.

On my previous laptop I have installed (and working):


And I have made a live / running website.

On my NEW laptop, I try to install Xampp, Wordpress in order to maintain my website.

What I have tried / done is:

- via PHPmyadmin make an export of the live database of the website. This was succesfull
- installed Xampp. This is succesfull.
- via PHPmyadmin on my new laptop, import the database from my live website (db347172_........sql  file). This is also succesfull.

Now I try to run the localhost in order to maintain the website.

However: xampp / localhost does not find anything. I do not know how to proceed and I have tried 'everything'.

Can anybode please help me out?

many thanks


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Is your XAMPP running properly?, did you try to do a fresh WordPress install on your XAMPP to check it first.
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