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although am an IT but i have 0 Idea about webdesigning , am designing a small website , which has a contact form , all fine , but when am trying it , it failes ( obviously) because i didnt configure an outgoing server to send the emails .. how to edit such configurations ?

a second question , which might be dump , my web site address is , if you are visiting it , you will notice that the two main columns are way too long with plenty of free space , in the design its no supposed to be like this , am just exporting my design and uploading it to my domain nothing else , still am getting this very agly free space :/ any help will be appreciated

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To embed the contact form within the content of an HTML5 template please follow the steps provided below:

Go to TemplateToaster -> Open your HTML5 template -> double click the content area where you want to insert the contact form -> Format tab will open at the top ->  Click Contact form.

Also, we have checked the above provide Website URL, to check the issue we need to check your TTR file so, please open a support ticket at with your ttr file as an attachment. Our support team will guide you accordingly.

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