in Magento Themes by engrano (140 points)
I've created a simple theme in TT7 for our Magento 2.3 site. After uploading and activating the theme I don't have a menu anymore. When I change back to one of the standard themes I do, however.
Checking the HTML source of the main page I indeed only see loads of div's being opened and closed again but without a single line of menu structure.

Any ideas?


1 Answer

by frisoer_kleinekorte (700 points)
Das Menü muss erst aktiviert werden unter Magento! Das war schon immer so.
by engrano (140 points)
Maybe you should read my message (and answer in English): the menu IS activated, because when I use a standard theme I do see it. Only when I switch to the TTR generated theme I don't have a menu. I obviously checked in the backend whether it was still active....and it is.
So what do I have to activate then according to you?
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