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Is the changelog not updated anymore? It has been asked many, many times, and every time the answer is: We are sorry, we will update the changelog as soon as possible.

But again it is not updated. Time after time. Very annoying.

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We are really sorry for the delay in replying. Actually we update the ChangeLog Page for every major version that will interest and effect majority TemplateToaster users. And for the minor updates, effected users are informed directly and the changelog page is not updated.

However we are open to suggestions, please suggest a better way if you have in your mind.



by b-michilsen (240 points)

In my opinion, every update is important for the TemplateToaster users.
Regardless of whether this is a major or minor update.
There are probably several users who do not immediately create a ticket for a problem they encounter. This way, these users also know whether the problems they may have experienced have been resolved in a newer version.
It also seems like a good service to the users of TemplateToaster, to mention all changes and / or improvements.
It seems to me relatively little time to mention the changes in a change log, which benefits all users.


B. Michilsen
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