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My payment was processed a couple of days ago, yet I haven't received a renewal key. I had to install a new hard drive and the only way to install Template Toaster was to download a new version. However, my old key that recently expired obviously won't activate to software. So, I'm running behind on projects because I had to replace and reinstall a hard drive and all the software, now I'm eating up more time waiting to be able to activate software that the payment has been processed for. I've posted twice in support tickets but get no answer. Is it customary with Template Toaster to take more than a couple of business days to answer a support ticket? It would seem if you are purchasing a "Professional" version you need a quicker time frame to solve problems for your own clients. This is completely unacceptable.

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Our server renew customer's existing activation key instantly on payment confirmation and your existing key have been renewed, we have resent your renewal confirmation email and have replied to your support ticket id [Ticket #98566977], you can check it here:

Please feel free to reply to your support ticket for any further assistance.
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