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Just got this from a support ticket:



Currently TemplateToaster supports images (*.jpeg, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png) only .To add '*.gif' image you can use some third party plugin at CMS end.



TemplateToaster Support"


So, my issue is that I have to use a kludge workaround to build my site with a placeholder image and separately change it out at my hosting server side, including the editing of an html tag on the page desired because this software is designed to exclude use of a common internet standard image format.  If by "CMS end" they mean my hosting server end, then how many people who need to use a WYSIWYG website tool have access to add plugins there?

So how do I access this "CMS end" of the software, and where might I find such a third party plugin to correct this defect in the Template Toaster software?

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You don't say which CMS you're using so i can only really comment on Joomla CMS which I use. Comes with Tiny MCE as the standard editor but i have always preferred the JCE editor which is really flexible. I needed .gpx upload support in articles for example, simple case of adding to the allowed file types.

By CMS end they mean where you log-in your sites admin area.
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"By CMS end they mean where you log-in your sites admin area."

In other words, TT support "answered" an issue about this software not allowing a standard internet file format to be used on a site being built with this software by suggesting an unauthorized modification to my hosting account's Cpanel, which is completely separate from this software and not even on the same machine.

So it's like I mentioned on a later post about the issue: Build the site with a placeholder image of a different format, say kludge.png or something, publish by exporting the built site to my desktop where I can replace kludge.png with the desired gif image and manually edit the html file referencing it before uploading the website to my hosting account with a third-party FTP client such as Core FTP LE or Filezilla.  And then this kludge workaround must be repeated every time the site is updated for any minor modification needed.
by iceferret (3.3k points)
What are you designing a CMS template, wordpress site with content or an html site?
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I have an html website I rebuilt with this program.  And then, making a few little tweaks to it I tried to use a gif image in the content of a webpage, only to find that the interface to add an image there with this software is rigged to exclude all but a specific trio of image formats, from which list gif has been omitted, even though it is standard internet image format.  I can re-edit most of my images to comply with this software's built-in limitation there, but I have at one point in the past used an animated gif on a previous version of my website and could potentially wish to do so again in the future.
by iceferret (3.3k points)
Take your point. Used to use Dreamweaver for html but been using CMS for a  while now. Guess it'll have to be the fudge then. Sorry nothing more constructive to add.
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