joomla 4 compatibility

asked Jan 31 in Joomla Templates by iceferret (3,040 points)
I've just started testing Joomla 4 alpha 4 release to see how it looks and what problems I might be facing. Installed an existing template created with the latest version of TT and get the 'you may not be able to visit this page' box with the following error:

Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Pagination\Pagination::get()

Will you be working with joomla 4 on comaptibility?

1 Answer

answered Feb 1 by lisa-west (30,460 points)

Our development team is working for the Joomla version 4 compatibility, we will release Joomla v4 support as soon as possible.

commented Feb 1 by iceferret (3,040 points)
Thanhs, thats good news.
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