Link Typography is just blue

asked Jan 31 in HTML Website by knox100 (140 points)
Hyperlinks in content and also in footer do not appear like it´s defined. The text just turns blue. Should be orange when active and dark orange when hovered and grey when visited. But in all cases it stays just blue, allthough I have defined it in the element tab and the footer tab.


Someone could help me?

2 Answers

answered Jan 31 by lisa-west (30,460 points)

Please open a support ticket at with your ttr file attached. Our support team will guide you accordingly.

answered 3 days ago by bob91 (330 points)
First create the link which will look blue.  Then highlight the link text, right click and click "Font" on the right-click menu.  Click the little paint can icon in the middle of the window that opens up, select the desired link color and click OK.  You'll have to do this with each individual link you make.
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