in Joomla Templates by rotorhead (140 points)
I have a couple of template files saved from v5 a while ago. They still open ok in v5 but they will not open in v7. How do I open them in v7?

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

To open TemplateToaster v5 saved ttr file  into v7, please follow the steps provided below:

Go to TemplateToaster v6 -> Open your saved ttr file -> Save.

Now, go to TemplateToaster v7 -> Open ttr file saved in v6.

Please make sure to save a backup copy of your saved ttr file.

by rotorhead (140 points)
Thanks. I have never used v6 and dont have a licence for it. So, where do I get v6 from, and will my v7 licence work in v6 so I can save the file?
by mikepaypal (140 points)
keeps coming up to upgrade version. Need to fix this issue. Or does this not work when your subscription runs out ?
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