Unexpected button positioning

asked Jan 11 in Joomla Templates by brodmuehler (120 points)


I am seeing a strange button positioning in one of my forms which I cannot understand. Below is a snapshot from the form and both bottoms. I would have them side-by-side rather than splitted.

Any idea why this is the case and what I need to do to fix this?

Many thanks


1 Answer

answered Jan 11 by lisa-west (30,900 points)

Please provide your Website URL so that we can check and guide you accordingly.

commented Jan 13 by brodmuehler (120 points)

thanks for helping. The address is bm2019.rbr-fly-sail.de. Please use "guest/guest" as username and password to login. Then please go to "Teilnehmer -> Anmelde-Formular" and you will find the form I mentioned above.

Thanks a lot
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