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I downloaded the TemplateToaster Trial version(Professional edition) today and not satisfied due to the slower response in each and every tools activities on the Top menu bar like File, General, body, on. Sorry to say that It's a disgusting matter to try like one. What's problem with the trial version? I guess that license version should be the same. For your kind concern that I,m using windows 8 as well as I did,t found any problem .

Would you Pls. proof anyway that the license version should be the faster compare to your trial version ? The other things I found in your online demo version having single page demonstration only as well as your software also works on single page only.

In the true sense, I really want to buy like a TemplateToaster professional edition software as per your published specification and should be the very helpful to me.

Mohsin Dhali

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Please share the specification of your system. In very few cases, this could be due to bad video card drivers. Please try upgrading your video drivers if you have a video card installed on your system.

TemplateToaster Support
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The custom module position was created by selecting \'Module Position\' and then drawing in the header section of the template.
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